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Writing tips and techniques from the publisher of Swimming Kangaroo Books. Send your 3-page writing sample to be critiqued to dindy@swimmingkangaroo.com with the word "critique" in the subject heading. Your submission will be critiqued on the blog, but your name will not be used unless you give permission.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The First Blog

This is a writing blog, for, by and about writers. It's also a transformation of the SK Writers Critique Club, which was a radio show we did for a while. During the radio show, I would read passages from works submitted by authors and critique them on the air. We had a lot of fun, but the show ended up costing too much money, and I was not getting enough of a return out of it.

I did some looking for another venue for the show, but decided that the radio show does not really give me the flexibility I want for something like this. So I'm starting a blog and changing the nature, but not the spirit of the Club.

On this blog I will offer articles about writing. I will also continue to critique samples of work that people send to me. If you want to submit a work for critique, you can send it to dindy@swimmingkangaroo.com. Keep in mind that I will be giving an honest appraisal of your work-- if you aren't able to take it, don't submit your work. I'll also be inviting others to critique material.

If you have writing questions, go ahead and ask them, either in our comments section or via email. This is YOUR chance to talk to a publisher and editor about writing. So don't let it go to waste.


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